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When Tanya first went to the emergency room she didn’t think anything too serious was going on with her. She felt like she was, “Just like dizzy and my equilibrium was off, so I went to the emergency room thinking it was something totally different. They decided to check my sugar and it was like [...]

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I’m a nurse and see what diabetes does on a daily basis to my patients lives. I work in an ICU and have firsthand experience with the long term complications of diabetes. Many end up on dialysis, losing a limb, or losing their independence. One common thread with many of my patients is that they [...]

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In 2006, while flying from Washington DC to Las Vegas, I was having difficulty focusing on the words in a book I was reading. The words were blurry and I attributed it to fatigue.  I noticed that the blurriness and inability to focus on other reading materials was becoming more and more prevalent.  After a [...]

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Diabetes in the News

NV Indy: Sandoval signs diabetes drug transparency (6/15/2017) Las Vegas Review Journal: Sandoval signs bill to increase insulin price transparency (6/15/2017) Business Insider: Nevada passes insulin drug pricing transparency bill (6/15/2017) NY Times / Associated Press: Nevada Forces Drugmakers to Reveal Insulin Pricing, Profits (6/15/2017) Las Vegas Sun: Sandoval signs insulin-pricing transparency bill (6/15/2017) NV Independent: Sandoval says he [...]

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“Before I received Culinary health insurance at the Cosmopolitan I really had to struggle to pay for my healthcare,” said Shawn Best, a Culinary union member and cook.  “In early 2016 I was diagnosed with diabetes and I’m concerned about the impact on our coverage of high cost diabetes drugs.  I currently have five prescriptions related [...]

2017-03-16T12:39:32-07:00 March 15th, 2017|


“Four of my children developed Type I Juvenile diabetes and they have all struggled,” said 76-year-old Jeannie Sedich, a Las Vegas resident.  “We don’t know where the diabetes came from and can’t trace it back in our family.” Sedich’s daughter Mary was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at eight-years old.  Mary passed away last [...]

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