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  • 281,355 adults in #NV have diabetes. Join campaign to control diabetes healthcare costs: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> Click here to Tweet this
  • 50% of Latinos & AfAM women are projected to develop diabetes by 2050. Join the fight to keep healthcare costs accessible: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2m7paka
  • We need affordable access to diabetes medicine. Join the NV Diabetes Political Coalition: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mybN8d
  • Elected representatives should hold drug makers accountable. Join the NV Diabetes Political Coalition: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mydjan
  • Children who develop diabetes face a lifetime of medication. NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mycsGy
  • The NV Diabetes Political Coalition fights for affordable access to diabetes medicine & care: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mxXvUZ
  • Diabetes, a public health epidemic, costs Nevadans $2.4 BILLION in medical costs: NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mxTMqu
  • Join the NV Diabetes Political Coalition & fight to control costs. NevadaDiabetesPoliticalCoalition.org @Culinary226 >> http://bit.ly/2mycgah

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A Start on Affordable Diabetes Care