When Tanya first went to the emergency room she didn’t think anything too serious was going on with her. She felt like she was, “Just like dizzy and my equilibrium was off, so I went to the emergency room thinking it was something totally different. They decided to check my sugar and it was like ‘omg your sugar is so high.’ They put me on IV insulin and that’s when I realized that this is the very serious and I need to take care of myself.”

She didn’t have health insurance during or after that hospital visit, so she was left with an extremely high medical bill. Tanya was not able to get the medication she needed to treat her diabetes because the price of insulin was so high. “I wasn’t doing anything.  I wasn’t taking any medication and that’s why I believe the blood vessel busted behind my eye because I didn’t have the medication to treat myself accordingly.”

When the affordable care act bill was passed, it lowered the cost of health insurance. She was able to get health insurance and her medicine at a reasonable rate. She still has her tribulations with paying for her medications.

“I think they are going up more and more every year you know. If you don’t have health insurance you’re just in a lot of trouble. It’s hard to get your medication and have to pay for it. I went one time they told me my insurance was not covering my insulin and they told me I had to pay $480.00. I had end up calling the insurance company and saying ‘What’s going I’ve been on with this medication, why are you not covering it again?’ and they needed the doctor to call in, I forgot what they called it and verify that I really needed it and then they started covering it again. That was scary to think that I had to pay $480.00 for the insulin that I needed.”

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